The Local Perspective

8 Feb


  • Locals explain their favorite activities
  • Audio interview by the bay
  • Work, kayak, boat, or just walk the town

Locals like to stroll through Anchor Park.

I had much grander aspirations for this particular audio project.

A combination of off-season closures and a few less-than friendly people left me high and dry on a warm January afternoon. Unwilling to waste the day, I switched tactics and decided to take advantage of the people around me. Rather than listening to business owners toot their own horns, I came up with a new idea and asked the real experts–the locals–about the best things to do in Morro Bay.

For this audio, I wanted a diverse array of sources, and a good number of them. This posed a few challenges, the foremost being capturing consistent and quality sound. Even on a slow afternoon, the Embarcadero has quite a bit of traffic, as well as a seemingly ever-present breeze. I found it helpful to duck into stores or between buildings; what I couldn’t escape, though, were other people and their conversations. I hope it adds to the feel of the place–one where conversation ebbs and flows like the bay’s tides–rather than distracts.

The next challenge was getting sources to give me more than two word answers. Some, like the sweet old lady with her dog, exclaimed without missing a beat that her favorite thing to do in Morro Bay was “walk.” With that, she was off along her way, unstoppable on her jaunt by the bay. Others were easier to record, and yet others were a bit too wordy and their answers had to be edited down. Still, too much is better than too little.

Shopping and views combine along the Embarcadero.

I discovered that the people of Morro Bay enjoy the outdoors and they particularly enjoy the bay. Many are content to just sit above the wharf and watch the activity on the water. Others simply like walking, either through town or out to the rock and back. They appreciate quiet moments and seem to absorb the serenity around them. Most of them really don’t like to be bothered, but were willing to answer a question or two before seeing me on my way.

“Life is good in Morro Bay!” -Embarcadero walkers

The best things to do in Morro Bay don’t seem to involve cramming yourself into situations with other tourists like sardines. They are much simpler and gentler, even, and are best done with good friends or family. Nothing extraordinary is mentioned, yet those I interviewed seemed genuinely satisfied by the opportunities Morro Bay affords. Listen to their advice, visit the bay and be willing to find your own way to experience it.


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