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Step Back in Time at Morro Bay Aquarium

28 Feb


  • The Aquarium has been on the Embarcadero for 51 years
  • Some of the seals hail from the Sunshine State
  • Over 100 specimens await visitors

The Morro Bay Aquarium is hard to miss; if the sea-foam green signs don’t catch your eye, the barking seals will certainly grab your attention. Passersby often throw curious glances towards the brown building, clearly intrigued by the splashing and laughing from within.

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Excelling in Shells

18 Feb


  • The Shell Shop started in 1955
  • The shop’s signature sign is from an old Shell gas station
  • Generations of customers come back to find unique treasures

Decades ago, a fisherman’s son began selling abalone shells on a street corner in Morro Bay for ten centsĀ apiece. That first summer, he made around $100, and he hasn’t stopped selling shells by the seashore since.

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Books and Vows

11 Feb


  • Find a rare novel and get married, all in uptown Morro Bay
  • Coalesce has a bookstore, garden and chapel
  • The property and buildings have a fascinating history

Coalesce is on Main Street in Morro Bay.

Some people stop into Coalesce Bookstore in Morro Bay to pick up a last minute gift, snag the latest bestseller, or search the shelves for a rare first-edition novel. Others head out back to the stores’s quaint garden chapel and get hitched. It’s all in a day’s work for shop owner Linna Thomas.

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The Local Perspective

8 Feb


  • Locals explain their favorite activities
  • Audio interview by the bay
  • Work, kayak, boat, or just walk the town

Locals like to stroll through Anchor Park.

I had much grander aspirations for this particular audio project.

A combination of off-season closures and a few less-than friendly people left me high and dry on a warm January afternoon. Unwilling to waste the day, I switched tactics and decided to take advantage of the people around me. Rather than listening to business owners toot their own horns, I came up with a new idea and asked the real experts–the locals–about the best things to do in Morro Bay.

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Art By The Rock

27 Jan


  • The Gallery at Marina Square opened in 2003
  • A unique co-op of artists runs the Gallery
  • Two artists share what makes the Gallery unique

Tucked away above Morro Bay’s Embarcadero, The Gallery at Marina Square is decidedly different from most art galleries in that it’s literally manned and operated by the artists themselves. Sixty-two artists currently feature their work in the bright space, each displaying their wares on personal walls and trading off working shifts.

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Coffee & Nature

21 Jan


  • Got a free morning? Grab a cup of coffee and hit the trail
  • Three independent coffee shops brew up the best
  • Put that caffeine to use and enjoy what Morro Bay has to offer

After talking with the people behind some of Morro Bay’s favorite coffee spots, I paired their brews with great local hikes and adventures.

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Morro Bay Living

7 Jan


  • Housing market in Morro Bay
  • Life on the hill, in town, and on the beach
  • What makes Morro Bay a place to call home

Living in the shadow of the rock.

Tired of traffic? Gasping for a breath of fresh air? Addicted to ocean breezes or hungry for small town life? Pull off Highway 1 and into the arms of Morro Bay, Calif. It’s an odd sort of town, but it has enough charm and great people to make it worth settling down here. Continue reading